About the Shooter


My name is Claude, and I am a 27-year-old photographer from the DC Metropolitan area. I specialize in portrait and real estate photography, but I am also well practiced in many other photographic styles.

I started this photography journey of mine…

December of 2008 when I picked up my first film camera, and I gradually transitioned into my first professional DSLR camera soon after.

When I am not on adventures shooting around various cities, I am continually looking for new ways to further my knowledge of photography and videography. My overall goal is to showcase the creative imagery of everyday people and places that are not frequently portrayed in an artistic light.

Photography is essentially an act of recognition by street photographers, not an act of invention. Photographers might respond to an older man’s face, or an Arbus freak or the way light hits a building—and then they move on. Whereas in all the other art forms, take William Blake, everything that came to that paper never existed before. It’s the idea of alchemy, of making something from nothing.
— Duane Michals